What is ZureTTS?

About the project

ZURE TTS project is an initiative of Aholab Signal Processing Laboratory of University of the Basque Country to provide a personalized speech synthesizer to people with speech impairments and also to those who have completely lost their voice.


Zure TTS support

This web portal is an initiative of the Aholab group from UPV/EHU. Its preliminary version was funded by the Basque Government through the ZURE_TTS project (S-PE11UN081, 2011-2012). The current version has been co-funded by the Basque Government through the ZURETTS+ project (S-PE13UN154, 2013) and by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the SPEECHTECH4ALL project (TEC2012-38939-C03-03, 2013-2015). Most of the recent improvements were carried out in the framework of eNTERFACE’14.