Resource Compilation
Bizkaifon (speech and video database)
FDB1060-EU (speech-dat like, Fixed)
MDB600-EU (speech-dat like, Mobile)
Abiadura (speech rate database)
Ahoemo1 (video/audio emotional database)
Ahoemo2 (emotional speech database)
Ahoemo3 (emotional speech database)
AhoSyn (Large speech database)
Ahospeaker (speech database)
Pthcdp (Pitch Detection Algorithm)
AhoVAD (Voice Activity Detection)
AhoPolar (Polarity Detection)

Ahosyn: Large Bilingual Speech Database for Synthesis

3799 (Basque) and 3995 (Spanish) phonetically balanced sentences recorded by Male (Kiko) and Female (Aintzane) voice talents in neutral style.
It was registered at 48kHz, 16bits, semi-professional room, 2 microphones and laryngograph included.

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