What is AhoMyTTS?

AhoMyTTS is an initiative of Aholab Signal Processing Laboratory of University of the Basque Country to provide a Personalized Speech Synthesizer to people with speech impairments and also to those who have completely lost their voice.

To archive this goal, it is essential to have recordings of natural voices. By recording your voice in our Voice Bank you are donating your voice to people who cannot use their own voice. You can also obtain a speech synthesizer which sounds as similar to your own voice as the technology allows (to use it a voice backup of your own, for example).

If you have a speech pathology you can record it too and we will try to give you a synthesizer which is as high-quality, natural, and similar to your voice as possible.

If you have already lost your voice you can still register and select a voice from our catalog to use in our speech synthesizer. To make this possible, the contribution of voice donors is crucial; therefore, if you have a healthy voice, please register and become a donor.

The project for now supports Spanish and Basque languages.