Master Thesis Presentation: Direct speech synthesis from EMG data

Student: Xabier Román Advisor: Eva Navas Presented: 05/10/21 Silent speech interfaces allow the generation of acoustic speech from articulatory data obtained from some sensors. In this master thesis we propose to develop a Neural Network based system able to produce speech from Electromiographic…

Final Degree Project Presentation: voice generation using EMG parameters

Student: Idoia Moreno Advisor: Eva Navas Presented: July 2021 The aim of this Project is to analyze the generation of a voice using electromyographic (EMG) parameters. For this, the use of electromyographic sensors are needed. These sensors will be placed in the users face and will collect…

Webminar: EMG data acquisition

A tutorial on the use or ElectroMyoGraphic signals acquisition tools. Presenter: Lorenz Diener Date: April 20th, 2021

Presentation of ReSSint project at HiTZ

As on February 1st 2021 we have presented the project to our colleagues of HiTZ. Here are the slides. Enjoy!

¡ReSSint estrena web!

ReSSint es un proyecto encaminado a investigar el uso de interfaces de voz silenciosas para restaurar la comunicación en aquellas personas que han perdido la capacidad de hablar. Y por fin, estamos online, para compartir nuestros avances y novedades, para estar más cerca de otros grupos de…