Beyond ReSSint

Following the conclusion of the ReSSint Project, there remains substantial work in the field of speech restoration from biosignals. This effort will persist through a new project named DeepRestore, which is funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. While the site for the new project…

Open position: Programa Investigo

The proposed work consists of investigating strategies to reduce computational needs and allow the integration of synthetic neural voices in mobile devices. We are looking for a person with programming skills, who must be registered with Lanbide. El trabajo propuesto consiste en la investigación…

Dissemination: Secretos de las Telecomunicaciones

Framed into the European Researchers' Night Initiative, part of the work from Aholab will be presented in the event Secretos de las telecomunicaciones, Telekomunikazioen sekretuak, on Friday September 30th.

Open position

We have a vacancy in the project, in order to work on voice generation from muscle activity signals. We are seeking a candidate skilled in communications, signal processing or machine learning. If you think you suit the position, and feel like working with us, please find the relevant…

Dissemination: Open Door Days

Presentation of Aholab's work to high school students within the Open Door Days of the University of the Basque Country. 2022ReSSint_PPAA.final_.EU_Download

PhD Thesis Presentation: Oesophageal speech:enrichment and evaluations

Student: Sneha Raman Supervisor: Eva Navas Cordón and Inma Hernáez Rioja Date: 22-12-2021 Description: The aim of this work is to use a voice conversion methodology that would enrich alaryngeal speech by improving its intelligibility and maintaining speaker identity. We also propose to…

Participate on Ressint

You can take part in Ressint. Find all the information attached: Reclutar_ressint_on-1Download