PhD Thesis Presentation: Oesophageal speech:enrichment and evaluations

Student: Sneha Raman Supervisor: Eva Navas Cordón and Inma Hernáez Rioja Date: 22-12-2021 Description: The aim of this work is to use a voice conversion methodology that would enrich alaryngeal speech by improving its intelligibility and maintaining speaker identity. We also propose to…

Master Thesis Presentation: Direct speech synthesis from EMG data

Student: Xabier Román Advisor: Eva Navas Presented: 05/10/21 Silent speech interfaces allow the generation of acoustic speech from articulatory data obtained from some sensors. In this master thesis we propose to develop a Neural Network based system able to produce speech from Electromiographic…

Final Degree Project Presentation: voice generation using EMG parameters

Student: Idoia Moreno Advisor: Eva Navas Presented: July 2021 The aim of this Project is to analyze the generation of a voice using electromyographic (EMG) parameters. For this, the use of electromyographic sensors are needed. These sensors will be placed in the users face and will collect…

Interview: Inmaculada Hernáez. La tecnología de las voces artificiales.

https://www.upo.es/investiga/capacesdecomunicar/entrevista-inmaculada-hernaez/ "Capaces de Comunicar" is a scientific transfer project organized by the COMINTRAD research group. Its objective is to disseminate scientific advances and technological innovations for augmentative and alternative…

Announcement: Jornadas Internacionales de Comunicación Aumentativa y Alternativa asistida por Tecnología

Testimonios desde la investigación, la empresa, las instituciones y las personas usuarias Del 22 de Junio al 30 de Septiembre de 2021 https://www.upo.es/investiga/capacesdecomunicar/programa/ https://www.upo.es/investiga/capacesdecomunicar/programa/

We are hiring: PhD open position

All the information available at https://www.hitz.eus/sites/default/files/2021PICPositionAholab2.pdf

Webminar: EMG data acquisition

A tutorial on the use or ElectroMyoGraphic signals acquisition tools. Presenter: Lorenz Diener Date: April 20th, 2021

Presentation of ReSSint project at HiTZ

As on February 1st 2021 we have presented the project to our colleagues of HiTZ. Here are the slides. Enjoy!